Thursday, July 7, 2011

Real Life in 5 Second Increments

Today I am taking a moment to stop and be grateful. Grateful that I have to go to the grocery store, buy birthday presents, work, take the girls to swim lessons and make an R2D2 costume.

As I drove the girls to camp this morning, there was an ambulance and fire truck at a house that we pass by daily. I don't know these people. I know that they have a wheel chair ramp and I've seen the wheel chair access van picking up and dropping off over the past few years. I've also seen a home health caretaker coming from and going to work. I have no idea who lives there - but somehow they are a part of my life.

After my grocery run I drove back by that house and the ambulance was gone. In it's place was the funeral home van. A car sat waiting to pull out of the driveway and a woman was wiping tears from her face.

How strange that I'm an accidental party to this life moment for a family I don't even know. Just small 5 second increments of casual observation. I'm sad that some one's life has ended. I think about what this Thursday is to them, versus every other regular Thursday. How their day differs from mine today. So I am grateful.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Am I A Bad Mom If....

There are a lot of things I could fill in the blank with...but today it's going to be this: If I don't enjoy being the parent on a field trip?

I'm too much of a control freak/worrier to let my child go under the supervision of a parent I don't know (I'm talking 4 year olds here).. so that means I go on all of them.

It's just so tiresome and eek, will I be stoned, if I say - annoying? You have to meet at the school and get the car seats and the snacks and the release forms etc..
Then you have to drive there. Find parking, walk blocks and through parking lots and hope you don't have a darter with you.

And then wait to go in. And kids have to go the bathroom and so do you. So you try to figure out the best way to help kids you don't know go to the bathroom and make sure you're not invading their privacy, and that they wash their hands and don't run off as you race to pee in the stall next them.

Then there's the play. Some are cute, some are annoying and I spend the entire time wondering what the actor's personal life is like. Do they have kids? Do they drink wine on Fridays? Are they those dramatic actor friends you like having come to your parties? Oh and I also spend the time telling small children to not stand up and to quit picking their noses. Today I had to stare down some beefy 5? 6? year old sitting in front of us that I wanted to just kick in the head. I did stare him down at one point. He was ballsy and stared me down back. Grr... I had to tell him to keep his hands to his own body please, as he stretched out purposely and was touching me and the kids with me. Like I said, wanted to toe him in the head. But of course I did NOT.

All the while I'm not 'enjoying the moment' as I probably should be, although I did spend a few minutes looking at the big smiles on my daughter's face as she laughed at the antics of a grown man dressed as a dog. Baby steps.

What I wanted was a big fat latte and to be able to cross stuff off my to do list.

I'm thinking I'm probably not a front runner for Mom of the year.

Next week: field trip for a ferry ride! Weeee!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Moms, Dads and Swim Boogies

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars blah blah blah. It is proven time and time again that men and women just aren't cut from the same cloth. I have a prime example.

I have to preface that my husband is an amazing and involved Dad and he rocks. He just doesn't have all of innate Mommy-isms that I do. (Which of course makes me superior and insane. In that order.)

Sunday mornings our girls have swim lessons. While packing the swim bag (or adding to the one that Jeff already packed, again becuase he's good like that.) I added in some wipes. Because I had noticed that Riley had a bit of a stuffy nose that morning. And fast forward ahead to 4 y.o. in pool for half hour - there might be a swim boog situation. And the thought makes me gag.

Of course as we sit there watching, I can see with my laser sharp Mom vision half way through the lesson, that my daughter might indeed have a gross visible boog. It's only a faint shadow..but it warrants investigation. Jeff does NOT have these same concerns. I swoop in with my wipe in hand, confirm that indeed there is disgusting nose situation and take care of it. I apologize under my breath to the teenage teacher who has to be grossed about this element of his job (and if he's not, I am for him..) And none of this ever even crossed my husband's mind.

Natural Consequences Parenting

I have to be upfront and say I've never actually read a book or gone to one of those classes on natural consequences parenting. I just pretend I know what I'm doing.

This morning when my 4 y.o. wanted to take one of her prized sleep companions to school with her for nap time, I suggested that she not. Because I knew she would want that stupid pink fluffy bunny at bedtime and cry about it when it wasn't there. When she persisted and said she'd be okay with it, I agreed. Plus it's my husband's turn to put her to bed tonight. But really I thought it would be a perfect lesson in 'natural consequences'.

When we rolled home from school this afternoon, little Miss decided she was wanting all of her pink fluffy friends. When she asked for the bunny in question, I reminded her that she took it to school this week for nap. Of course then hysterics ensued. Lots of crying and whining. (It's not even bed time!) Yeah, she might be getting a lesson, but I have to put up with the nonsense and noise. I might develop my own style of parenting called "Mommy will be right, so lets just skip ahead 4 steps." I wonder if I could get a book deal..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Truths

You know I love to share the funny tidbits from my zany life. These made me laugh.....

* The large 'car cart' at the local grocery chain does NOT fit down the wine aisle. I tried. Why is that? I mean Moms with kids who fit into those damn things are more likely to be shopping for wine.

* I've made it to the stage of parenthood where I can embarrass my daughter. One of the teacher's aids, (who I know relatively well) was sitting in the parking lot before school jamming to a good cut. With the volume super high. Her car was bumpin. So when I got out of my car to drop my daughter off - I got where she could see me in her rear view and busted some dance moves. She laughed. Kate was mortified. I giggled. I am evil.

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheetos and Swimsuits

Happy New Year!

Yes, I am the one who knowingly smiles (scoffs?) at all the newbies in my 6:15AM core class. We call the new worker outers The New Years Resolutioners. However it's helping my own workout because I don't want that tiny blonde thing behind me to be able to do more reps with a heavier weight. So I'll try not to hate.

So this year I've set a new fitness goal. I'm going to 'try' a tri. Yes, a Tri-athalon. The Happy Meal sized one (smaller distances). That means I just had to sign up for swim lessons. I can swim, I just can't swim like I know what I'm doing. Oh and I don't own a bike. That's next on the list. I figure if I say it out loud, I'm bound by my own pride to follow through. Oh and I 'coincidentally' chose a race that is a month before my 20 year high school reunion. Yes, I am the queen of multitasking.

However I had to laugh at myself as I realized I had to dust the Cheeto dust off my fingers to type in the search words 'swimsuit' on the site I was on.

I love hearing what people have for goals for the upcoming year. Share some of the good ones you've created or heard!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shhh....... My Holiday Gift Shopping Finds!

I love shopping for gifts. Finding the right thing for each person. It's a passion and dare say an art of mine. Not that all my gifts are received with the same joy as they were picked out, but I try.

I'm pretty close to done with the Holiday shopping. I say Holiday because Jeff's family celebrates Chanukah and my family Christmas. This year Chanukah is early - starting on December 1st. So I had to get a move on!

I like to shop locally (and USA produced) when I can. I make a concerted effort. I buy from the toy store and book store downtown. HOWEVER some of the things I need, aren't to be found in my little village. Enter Amazon Prime. Did you know if you sign up for Amazon Prime (free two day shipping on any product that is fulfilled by Amazon) and cancel after 30 days - there is no annual fee? AND that if you're a new Mom they have Amazon Mom - free for 3 months. Let's just say Santa delivered his gifts in two days in some Amazon boxes. Done and done. All while sipping coffee at my computer. Love it!

Next up for my local peeps. Cotton Caboodle Outlet. I've long raved about this little gem of a store. 100% cotton clothing for kids and women. Most everything is under $15. I saw the same shirt that I got there for $15 at my friend's boutique for $50. FIFTY?!! So today I dropped in quickly to grab a specific shirt to go under my planned Thanksgiving ensemble - and what did I find, but some FANTASTIC fun cotton scarfs that screamed 'teacher gifts!' for $12. In regular retail stores they are $27. Mark those babies off the list!

XBox - Kinect Combo pack. 250gb (like I know what this means..)but on Amazon it was priced at $448 - hello Costco for $389! (Online looks like it was priced at $399). Yes this means I'm not getting that purse I'm drooling over - and my husband gets to skip getting 2 sweaters and a button down like every other year. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it and I'll embrace electronics. Website says they're sold out - but maybe they have more coming?! No you can't have mine!

So after you check off those lists - for me it means wrapping and shipping. I never can go wrong with my local UPS guy. I've actually had good luck in general with UPS - but the owner/manager? of my particular location is a superstar. Always SUPER nice. Most everytime I've had a coupon, or gotten a punch card discount. He doesn't get irritated when I can't remember the zip code to Brooklyn NY. And my packages always get there in one piece and on time. (Although I did have to ask him not to use peanuts...). If you're in my hood - give him a whirl! And unlike the post office, they'll tape up your boxes for you - NO extra charge!

Okay friends - do share - what are your favorite finds this season?!